Adventures® *Radha-Krishna* – A Famous Painting by Jamini Roy, Wall Décor Frame. Canvas Print stretched on Pinewood Frame. Size 14″x18″.

Price: ₹2,770 - ₹1,390.00
(as of Oct 03,2023 11:49:41 UTC – Details)

*** Like many other great Indian artists, Jamini Roy was also influenced by ‘Radha-Krishna; theme. Inspired by the folk art tradition of Bengal, Roy experimented with vibrant colours and developed his own individual style of painting that resulted in artwork that were a visual feast. This masterpiece shows Radha & Shrikrishna lost in each other while dancing in meditation state. Life of Krishna has become now the subject of curiosity and study all over world’s said to his lover, the high minded women of the many virtues and qualities that are intrinsic to goddesses and woman in classical Indian literature. Radha radiates the soft beauty, intelligence and sensitivity of the ideal indian woman, and being unequaled beauty. *** Jamini Roy (1887-1972) changed style from his academic Western training & modern style and featured a new style based on Bengali folk traditions. This marked a new beginning in the history of Indian modern art. His choice of bold & vibrant colours puts long lasting & mesmerizing effect in our minds. Without following any revolution or copying foriegn painters, he painted more than 20000 art pieces in his life, which were close to people’s heart. This huge work brings very close to his motherland, India. Jamini Roy was honoured with the State award of Padma Bhushan in 1954 .sombre, executed in changed cubist style. He included diversified themes in his paintings as India series, horses, veena players, indian mythology etc. *** ‘DECOR ADVENTURES’ Brand Creative, Innovative, Decorative Wall Decor Frames with State-of-the-Art, fresh & new themes, ideas & features; Presenting a new range of wall decor frames made out of timeless & classic paintings by world famous artists.
These iconic, artistic wall frames not only beautify & decorate your walls, but also add value, culture, richness & personality to them. Can be a smart gifting option. Also ideal for art schools, hotels, resorts, bars, cafes, clubs.
Acrylic spray coated ‘Museum grade’ 450gsm Canvas ensures best absorption & reproduction of colours, aesthetic looks & long life. Canvas Print stretched and framed on 1.5″ quality Pinewood frame, ensuring stiffness, robustness, sturdiness. Ready to hang on walls.
Designed & Crafted by our finest artists, experts & technicians using strictest quality control, best possible materials & highest workmanship. Packed & shipped carefully, as per standard norms & regulations.
DECOR ADVENTURES’ Wall Décor’ offers a range of 2000 Wall Decor Frames, Paintings, Themes & variations. Prompt response to enquiries. Discounts and Deals on bulk purchase. Please ask us for Customised Sizes.

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